We use Time:o:stat central heating controls in all of our student homes for a number of reasons; but mainly because it puts you in control.

With Time:o:stat, you will get heating pre-programmed twice a day and then on demand at all other times. You choose the temperature and the amount of time you'd like to heat the house for.

Time:o:stat is good for the environment too. With a clever countdown, it ensures that the heating isn't left on continuously when it's not needed.

Here's our quick guide to get you started:

  1. Press the :t: button on the control panel which will be located in either the kitchen or the hallway.

  2. The control panel will now show three times. The time at the top of the screen is the time now and the two times at the bottom of the screen are the times the heating will come on, each time for two hours. If the time or programmed times need changing please let us know.

  3. You can increase the temperature during these times by pressing the red + button; or decrease the temperature pressing the blue - button. A flame symbol should show up on the screen to indicate the boiler has fired up. 

  4. Outside of these pre-set times, you can have heating whenever you need it. Add time using the grey + button, and reduce time by pressing the grey - button.

  5. Use the thermostatic valves fitted to all radiators to turn the temperature up or down in a particular room. 


  1. The radiators won't get hot: the thermostat may not be firing up the boiler. If the temperature in the house is already at the temperature on the thermostat the boiler won't fire up. If the temperature is lower, please let us know so we can arrange an engineer.

  2. There is a spanner symbol on the screen: the thermostat has lost connection with the boiler. Wait an hour and see if it can reconnect, if not please let us know so we can arrange an engineer.

  3. There is a battery symbol on the thermostat. Let us know so we can visit to replace the batteries. 

It's important to us that you stay warm over the winter months, but please consider the environmental impact of having the heating on too much and also remember the fair usage clause in your tenancy documents. 

Time:o:stat v1
Radiator Temperature Wheel
Time:o:stat v2