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What is well being?

Where we live has a big impact on our well being, from the location to the physical environment we call home. The home we live in influences almost every aspect of our lives from how relaxed we feel, how well we sleep, how often we see family and friends and how safe and secure we feel.

The homes provided by Boswell Living are carefully designed and planned to support the physical and mental well being of tenants.

The home we live in plays one important part in our well being, but there are other factors to consider too.

  1. Purpose: having a purpose, doing something you really enjoy that plays to your strengths

  2. Health: eating well, sleeping well and exercising regularly all contributes towards well being

  3. Friends: having good relationships with others, feeling part of a community and having others you can share experiences with

  4. Financial: being able to effectively manage finances and being in control of your income and outgoings

For students and young people, moving away from home is one of the biggest lifetime milestones filled with excitement and apprehension. With so much to think about and so much additional responsibility to take on, it is important that tenant’s mental and emotional health is considered. It is important when moving into a new home that you register with the local Doctor as soon as possible if you need medical advice.

Well being in a Boswell Living home:

At Boswell Living, we genuinely care about the well being of our tenants. We take pride in planning and designing homes that take this into account. We do this in some of the following ways:

  1. Need somebody to talk to? We’re always happy to listen. Come to us, or we’ll come to you. Either way, we genuinely care about our tenants and are always happy to chat.

  2. Our homes are well thought out, well decorated for enjoyment and well planned to ensure the house can be lived in easily. All of our homes have plenty of storage space. We really think about the kitchen space to ensure you have enough space for everything. A bath alone is not enough so you’ll have a shower as well/instead. All of our student homes all have communal areas and a well maintained garden to socialise. All student bedrooms have a double bed and comfortable desk space to work.

  3. We help our tenants to keep in touch with their loved ones. Superfast broadband is standard in our student homes to enable tenants to Facetime/Skype or chat to their family and friends all over the world whenever they want.

  4. We don’t just install standard lighting; we put thought into it so tenants can relax after a long day or concentrate when working with a brighter light.

  5. We don’t use an estate agent to manage our homes. It’s 100% us. You have our phone number, email address and home address so you can get in contact with us quickly and easily when something isn’t quite right. Always happy to help.

  6. Our student properties are all-inclusive. You don’t have to worry about splitting bills and setting up accounts. We deal with all of that. You just pay us an all-inclusive amount. Easy.

  7. Our student homes have plenty of fridge space. We do this so you can store plenty of fresh, healthy food. We also equip the kitchen with everything we think you need from pots and pans to a garlic press. Tenants have what they need to prepare nutritious meals. 

  8. We only buy homes that are conveniently located. Just a few of the items on our location checklist include local shops, bus routes and parks/woods to get out and explore.

Need some extra help?

You never need to feel alone. There are many people and organisations you can turn to if you need support. We’re always happy to chat and we hope you would feel able to open up to your GP or friends and family; but we understand sometimes this might not be enough. The following organisations are designed to help so don’t feel hesitant to reach out:

University of Northampton Counselling and Mental Health Team

Phone: 01604 892833




Phone: 0300 123 3393

Text: 86463



Student Minds


Anxiety UK

Phone: 03444 775774