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We set out to provide accommodation and service to tenants that is industry leading. Our mission is to be the landlord of choice for tenants renting in Northamptonshire. We truly believe that everybody has the right to live in a safe, decent home with a high level of service.

If things go wrong, it's important that you tell us so we can make it right as quickly as possible. In the first instance, and if you're happy to, we would like you to call us to discuss. However we understand you may not want to and may prefer to put it in writing to us by either letter or email. We will acknowledge your correspondence and respond to you within the timescales below:

Stage 1: Please put the full details of your complaint in writing to us. Please include full details of the issue and if relevant, details of the timescales, staff member, contractor and include any supporting evidence such as photographs.

Stage 2: We will acknowledge your complaint within three working days.

Stage 3: We will fully investigate your complaint to understand what has gone wrong. We will provide you with a formal written reply within ten working days from receipt of your letter.

Stage 4: If you are not happy with our response, you can discuss the issue with either Citizens Advice or the local council; West Northamptonshire Council.