Modern Villa


What are the landlord’s responsibilities?

If you’re renting one of our properties, we:

  1. Protect your deposit with the My Deposits Government approved scheme within 30 calendar days of receiving the deposit.

  2. Send you important information about the deposit protection called the Prescribed Information.

What happens at the start of the tenancy?

  1. You pay a deposit to Boswell Living directly or via a letting agent, if applicable

  2. As landlord, Boswell Living will protect your deposit within 30 days (although normally much sooner!) with My Deposits

  3. We confirm your deposit with proof of protection and the prescribed information

What happens at the end of the tenancy?

  1. At the end of the tenancy, a check out inspection is carried out

  2. Boswell Living will only propose deductions from the deposit if the obligations of the tenancy have not been met

  3. If the tenant disputes any deduction, the services of My Deposits will be used to provide a free, impartial dispute resolution service

My Deposits can be contacted on 0333 321 9401.